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2015 was another bust for Bible prophecy fulfilment, despite being a boom for prophecy speculation and mainstream media coverage of prophecy.

What did we learn? Are we any wiser for prophecy about 2016?

Let's review and see. We were told simultaneously by Jonathan Cahn, John Hagee and Mark Biltz that 2015 "could be" like the financially disastrous "Shemitah years of 2001 and 2008"...AND/OR..."something bad for Israel" like the "4 blood moon years of 1492, 1967, or 1973," respectively. Many believed them or at least felt it better to "wait and see before judging, just in case" (unlike me who debunked such speculation as early as 2008).

Nevertheless, we got a year like 2000 when, despite popular coverage of the "Y2K computer bug" speculation, none of the grand predictions happened (such as, "the end of civilization").

In other words, 2015 gave new prophecy students another great opportunity to learn a valuable lesson on the difference between persuasive speculation and plain, literal Bible prophecy--just as 2000 gave me when I was still new to this subject.

So what does 2016 hold for us?

According to an Ipsos poll, almost half of Christians think the Second Coming is "at least somewhat likely" each year. Yet after almost 2000 years of hoping this each year and Jesus still not coming back, do you ever get the sense that perhaps Christians have been misunderstanding or missing something key?

Again, will you be wiser for the wear this time? Wiser than the average Christian without enough discernment to not hope in vain for something that is not going to happen this year?

If you're not so sure, then I can help. On this prophecy website I update an article every year (since 2007) on why Jesus cannot come back for either the Second Coming or the Rapture each year. It's been right eight years straight because it's not taken from my imagination. It comes from the plain words of Jesus and other (real) prophets on what must happen "first" or it means "the end is not yet" as Jesus said (Mt 24:6).

Read the article to learn 7 events that must come before Jesus does (and 5 before the Rapture)...

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Revelation's 3 Resurrections vs. Heaven/Hell At Death

Bible prophecy teaches about not just one, but three future mass resurrections. If you think everyone goes to heaven or hell when they die, then it's time to understand what the Bible says about God's genius plan to use multiple resurrections to "raise" up children like himself—who all come to understand fully that only his way of love works. »»

Why God Kills Two Thirds Of Us When Jesus Returns (Zec 13:8)

Zechariah 13:8 tells us two thirds of humanity will die, in what we can conclude is God's wrath. Why does God want to do that? Why is humanity "without excuse" for this punishment according to Paul? And the silver lining to this that even Christians forget... »»

Jewish Boy Natan's Near Death Experience: From God or Something Else?

An Israeli boy died for 15 minutes and came back with an account of seeing Messiah, heaven, hell, and even Obama as Gog? What does it all mean and should we put any stock in it? Find out what I think is the probable source of his NDE vision... »»

Planet Nine and Bible Prophecy

The report of a possible ninth planet is fascinating but what does it mean for the end times? Is it the long rumored Planet X or even Wormwood of Revelation? Yes and no. Learn the important distinction and the lesson from this. »»

Why Jesus Can't Come Back in 2016 (or even this decade?)

An end of the year Ipsos poll found that 46% of evangelical Christians believed it was at least "somewhat likely" that "Jesus Christ will return to Earth" in the coming year. That was in 2006, and now nine expectant years later, Jesus still has not come back. Want to know why not and why he still won't come in 2016? The reason has to do with several overlooked prerequisites to the rapture, until which the “end is not yet” according to Jesus himself. When you know what these events are, your grasp of prophecy will improve dramatically. »»

What The September, 2017 Revelation 12 Sign Tells Us

Revelation 12 describes a heavenly sign of a 'woman clothed with the sun' at the time of Jesus' birth. A 2013 theory gaining popularity states that the same constellation sign is coming Sept 23, 2017 and not ever again for a hundreds of years. Is it right? What does mean - the rapture, the tribulation, or abomination of desolation or what? Let's examine the evidence and understand an epidemic of theories like this better... »»

When is the Great Tribulation Not Coming?

Can we know when the Great Tribulation will be? Or at least when it won't be? Mark Biltz thinks so and I agree with him, except for his reckoning of the sabbath year. Learn what the Great Tribulation is and how to tell when it is not near. »»

"Alive After the Fall" Review - Prep or Flee?

Considering buying the "Alive After the Fall" ebook or wondering if the January 2017 doomsday prophecy story it tells is right? There's a major flaw with the premise and advice of the site and ebook you should know first. »»

Gay Marriage and America's Judgment in Prophecy

Many Christians are upset over the legalization of same-sex marriage in America. Ever worse is the fear that gay marriage will bring God's wrath on America. Before we lose heart over opinions like this, let's see what the Bible actually says about America's judgment and also why Sodom was judged. Find out the actual reasons for God judging America given in the Book of Revelation. »»

Seven Prophecies for September 2015 and Why They Annoy Me

Will September 2015 bring about the rapture? An economic collapse? Military takeover and martial by Obama through Jade Helm? Or CERN's LHC destroying the planet? More importantly, what basic common truth are we forgetting when we even entertain or ask such questions? Find out that and why September, 2015 is just like December 2012... »»

"Survive the End Days" Review - A Scam Debunked

Considering buying the "Survive the End Days" package or wondering if the 2017 doomsday prophecy theory it uses could be true? Find out the truth about the author "Nathan Shephard" and the many errors in how it uses Bible prophecy to predict WWIII during President Obama's last years. »»

Planet 7X Research vs. Wormwood (the Real Blood Moon Prophecy)

Planet X research, proof, and predictions are everywhere on YouTube. Should you pay attention to it or if not, regret it later? Allow me to put your mind at ease by explaining the very important difference between Planet X/7X theory and the Wormwood prophecy of the Bible...which is the real meaning of the "Blood Moon prophecy" of Joel 2! »»

5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Can't Understand Prophecy

Can Words of knowledge, Christian prophets, popular prophecy books and videos or conspiracy news outlets help you understand what Bible prophecy says or what the future holds? Find out why they only bring more confusion, anxiety and fear to Bible prophecy students—and learn what approach works to understand Bible prophecy directly so you can bypass these unproductive dead ends. »»

True Prophet vs False Prophet: How to Tell When Elijah Comes?

Are there prophets today or at least coming in the future? How can you tell a true prophet like the coming Elijah from a false prophet like the False Prophet? Learn how to cut through the Christian confusion on prophets and to zero in on the one end time prophet you will hear about and must listen to: the Third Elijah. »»

Why Jesus Can't Come Back in 2015 (or even this decade?)

An end of the year Ipsos poll found that 46% of evangelical Christians believed it was at least "somewhat likely" that "Jesus Christ will return to Earth" in the coming year. That was in 2006, and now eight expectant years later, Jesus still has not come back. Want to know why not and why he still won't come in 2015? The reason has to do with several overlooked prerequisites to the rapture, until which the “end is not yet” according to Jesus himself. When you know what these events are, your grasp of prophecy will improve dramatically. »»

Is Petra the "Prepared Place" of Safety For Israel or You?

Petra is believed by some to be the place Israel finds safety during Armageddon. But Bible prophecy reveals a different place protected from the Antichrist. Worse, it is not for the nation of Israel but only for the scattered righteous: yes, faithful believers still on earth because the rapture comes 3½ years later. Read on to understand God's end time escape plan for you. »»

Efrain Rodriguez Asteroid Tsunami Prophecy vs. Bible Prophecy

Is an asteroid impact at Puerto Rico going to cause a 200-foot tsunami which strikes America's East Coast? "Prophet" Ephrain Rodriguez says so based on prophecy he received 40 years ago. Is his word accurate compared the Bible? Proper understanding of Wormwood (Rev 6-8) and America (Rev 17-18) in Revelation shows where he may have heard from God and where he probably let Christian eschatology and conspiracy theory slip in. »»

Mystery of the Shemitah Review - US Crash in 2015?

Jonathan Cahn's shemitah prophecy book predicts a financial collapse or "something" like it for America possibly in 2015 because he claims it is a sabbath year. But is it? Does the Bible say God curses in sabbath years? My review of Cahn's latest book exposes the flaws in his theory, why you don't have to worry about his predictions and what the real meaning of the shemitah is according to Scripture that he missed. »»

How We Escape the Great Tribulation: Faith, not a Rapture

Most Christians assume they automatically qualify to escape the Great Tribulation by an automatic pretrib rapture. But if that's so, then who are the Christians who the Antichrist beheads? Find out why God's end times escape plan will require something few Christians have: sacrifice and faith. Learn how to fix that, be ready for the end times and escape it with God's help. »»

Is ISIS in Bible Prophecy? Yes, Their End!

ISIS or ISIL has Christians not just in Iraq and Syria, but even in America worried. With their propaganda spreading on social media, they are growing and becoming a significant political and terror force. But what does Bible prophecy say? Does ISIS play a big role in the end times? Is this one of the signs of the end? Find out how ISIS speculation distracts believers from the real threat. »»

Ark of the Covenant Found? Role in End Time Prophecy

Does the lost Ark of the Covenant still exist? Will it resurface? Some claim it is hidden in the Temple Mount, others Mt Nebo, others Ethiopia. Some predict it will come out in the end times for the Third Temple and Antichrist's "confirmation of the covenant." What does the Bible say about the role of the Ark of the Covenant in the future? Surprisingly very little, but enough to discount the ark having any role in end time prophecy. »»

Why Is the Tribe of Dan Not in Revelation 7's 144,000?

Why is the tribe of Dan is missing from the 144,000 in Revelation 7? Theories abound. Is it punishment for Dan's idolatry and Dan being the city of Rehoboam's idol worship? Or is it because the Antichrist comes from Dan as "the serpent by the way" prophecy may suggest? Is there any proof for these theories? Learn a new and convincing explanation to this centuries-old mystery. »»

The End of America Review (Why You Should Not Flee Yet)

"The End of America" is a Bible prophecy book by John Price which predicts Islam will destroy America with God's blessings because of America's sins of abortion, betrayal of Israel and same sex marriage. If you're scared or wondering if these theories are correct or that you need to leave America right now, read on to learn the problems with these conclusions and why "come out of her, my people" is not a "command" to readers of Revelation. »»

Understanding the Nephilim and their Role in Bible Prophecy

The "mighty" nephilim giants of Genesis 6 are gone, but Revelation describes their reappearance to play a major role in the end times. Despite this, few Christians know anything about the Nephilim—nor would they want to given the scary details of these actual monsters. Without facing this shocking level of evil and abomination that God has chosen to allow, you can't fully understand end time prophecy or even God's ways. If you are brave, it's time to understand the Nephilim in the Bible and conquer your fear of monsters. »»

How to Tell When Events Are Prophetic and How God Speaks Today

Is God speaking today through current events? Christian leaders claim he is sending us signs in the heavens and in events on earth. If he is, most Christians don't want to miss the warnings or instructions these events might convey. But how do we know when a disaster, eclipse, or war is just that, or if God is behind it or trying to tell us something through it? Do we have to pay attention to every new theory by Christian pastors and teachers or does the Bible have everything we need to know. Discover the Biblical pattern of how God communicates warnings to regular people like you and I and why you never have to worry about missing it if you ignore the latest Christian theories. »»

The Millennium: Ten Surprising Changes Jesus Brings (or Grass-Eating Cats)

You probably know that the Millennium is the future 1000 year reign of Christ and his saints. But do you know about the amazing changes that Jesus' Second Coming will bring besides world peace? Such as how you'll be able to feed your cat by letting it out into the yard to graze? Cats along with all carnivores will become herbivores, according to Bible prophecy. Discover that and nine other surprising prophesied changes that will make the Millennium very different from today and as close to utopia as possible. »»

Jesus Told His Disciples One Sign of the End, But Do You Understand It?

Jesus' disciples asked Jesus the very question that every Christian still wonders today: how do we know when you're coming back? Amazingly, Jesus answered by giving the actual "signs of his coming and the end of the age." He didn't refuse! We can read his straightforward answer in Matthew, Mark and Luke. Yet Christians don't understand his answer as evidenced by how they fall for every speculative counterfeit end time sign theory hatched by prophecy writers in its place. Find out what you've been missing in Jesus' answer so you understand the real signs of his coming and never have to fall for another false prophecy theory again. »»

7 Things Christians Have Against Bible Prophecy - Answered

Do you get grief from other Christians when they find out you like Bible prophecy? Do they try to convince you to stop studying it, to save you from "deception?" Join the club. Bible prophecy is not popular with most Christians for several reasons which they will be sure to share with you. Learn what these common objections are and how to answer them--if not for their sake at least for your own satisfaction. Be certain you're doing nothing wrong to study prophecy which is actually something encouraged in the Bible. »»

"Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change" Review

Does John Hagee's book on the four blood moon prophecy help you understand the biblical significance of the 2014-2015 tetrad? Considering that the first 170 pages of "Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change" is background material on prophecy, Israel in Scripture and history with only 24 pages on the coming tetrad, that's a fair question. Here's my review of the book to help others evaluate the book and its ideas. »»

Blood Moons of Jesus Return in 2015? Mark Biltz Theory Debunked

Will Jesus return in 2015...or will the Tribulation start this Fall? Can NASA's eclipse tables help us find out? Pastor Mark Biltz has speculated that solar and blood moon eclipses in 2015 could fulfill end time milestones of Bible prophecy. Discover the prophecy breakthrough that invalidates his theory from someone who had the same idea five years earlier. Plus find out how Revelation says our year drop to only 360 days after the prophesied eclipses happen. »»

Parable of the Fig Tree: Jesus On Knowing If He's Coming Now or Later

Can you know if Jesus is coming now or not, without knowing the date? Most don't think so because they miss that Jesus in his own words instructed us on how through his Parable of the Fig Tree. Unfortunately, the parable is commonly misread as a prophecy referring to major events in the history of modern Israel one "generation" away from Christ's return, supposedly allowing you to calculate the second coming date. But does "this generation" refer to Jesus' first century audience or maybe to our generation, the "last generation?" Discover the real meaning of the parable and the key to discerning where we are in Bible prophecy that it plainly teaches when you let it. »»

Rabbi Judah ben Samuel's Jubilee Prophecy - Messiah in 2017?

Rabbi Judah ben Samuel supposedly made an amazing prophecy concerning the future of Jerusalem that already has three accurate fulfillments from 1517-1967. The prophecy further predicts the start of the "Messianic end time" by 2017. But is the prophecy trustworthy and can Jesus even return in 2017? Read on to learn why how people interpret and use this prophecy is flawed. Also, what did Jesus himself reveal as the signs of his coming to watch for...instead of date watching? »»

The Third Temple Prophecy: What's Holding Back Its Fulfillment?

Many Christians consider the rebuilding of the Temple and restarting of animal sacrifices not a prophetic sign, but an affront to Christ and the church (the "real" temple?). If you learn what the Book of Hebrews says is the actual purpose of the Temple and sacrifices, the plain prophecies about them coming again will make more sense. Discover what must happen first before Temple construction can begin, what prophecy may bring it, when it happens in relation to the 70th week, and what if anything you should do when you see the Third Temple rebuilt. »»

Discerning Conspiracy Theories With Bible Prophecy and (Un)Common Sense

Do you have friends who bother you with the latest conspiracy theories from YouTube or fringe "insider" websites? Do they leave you worried? If you're online looking for Bible prophecy understanding, it's impossible to escape scary conspiracy theories, even some that sound similar to what you read in Bible prophecy. But has end time Bible prophecy begun as the conspiracies seem to prove? Are predictions based on conspiracy theories reliable? Learn why conspiracy theories are not the way God is going to wake up the world, and what Bible prophecy says is his way so you can stop worrying about conspiracy theories. »»

Asteroid Near Miss, But Bible Predicts Major Asteroid Impact Soon

As Asteroid 2008 QE2 reminded us once again, objects orbiting close to earth are a constant threat. Although this concerns scientists, Christians probably fear missing the rapture and facing the Antichrist a lot more than a deep impact scenario. If they only realized that there is an explicit prophecy of an asteroid impact on earth before the rapture and Great Tribulaton even happens, they might reconsider. Find out where this prophecy is found, how the Bible indicates it happens...and where the righteous will be protected while it happens. »»

Five Surprising Lessons of Bible Prophecy

We study Bible prophecy expecting to understand what's going to happen along with hopefully some idea of when. Yet along the way, there are several discoveries you won't expect or maybe prefer not to find. For example, God's special place to protect us from the Great Tribulation is not in heaven and how we get there takes a bit more than professing Jesus. Disappointing, for some, is the constant failure of date setters. Yet there are still good timing clues available, enough to raise the prospect of having to wait way longer for the Second Coming than anyone dreamed. Perhaps most surprising is why it's OK if you don't study (or understand) Bible prophecy at all? »»

The Coming 360 Day Year Predicted in Revelation (1260 Days / 42 months)

Everyone knows there are 365 days in a year--except, seemingly, the Bible. The Bible repeatedly talks like there are only 360 days in a year and even 30 days in all months but never speaks of a shorter month or a 365 day year like we see today. While some say it simply means primitive man had inaccurate calendars, that does not explain why the length of the Great Tribulation given in Revelation only works on a similar 360/30 calendar. Is the 360/30 calendar of revelation a "prophetic calendar" needed to interpret the 1260, 1290, 1335, and 2300 days or do these day counts literally mean what they say that the calendar will be different then? Is that really possible and what does the troublesome Wormwood star that Revelation mentions just before the Tribulation have to do with it? Find out why once again, the Bible can make sense more literally than anyone thought! »»

Comet ISON 2013: Nibiru Doomsday or Omen of Christ's Return?

When is a comet not just a comet, but a divine warning sign like Jesus spoke of coming in the end times? If you do not know how to answer that, Comet "ISON" may test you with fear and anxiety in 2013. Doomsday watchers are already predicting that Comet ISON is Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, or a gravitational earthquake/deep impact threat. Alternatively, some predict it will make a spectacular daytime visible sign in the sky one month before Christ's return (yes, on Christmas, 2013). Is Comet ISON a good or bad sign, Nibiru, Wormwood or a fulfillment of some other Bible prophecy? Find out how to tell when a comet is just a comet and what must come before Wormwood and other things Jesus warned about come upon us. »»

Malachy's Last Pope Identified - in Bible Prophecy

The prophesied last pope is here according to Saint Malachy's vision of 112 popes "Peter the Roman/Petrus Romanus." If Malachy is accurate, then Armageddon and the Tribulation he "pastures" during cannot be more than a single pope's reign away or a few decades. But is Malachy's last pope a reliable end time sign that faithful saints should get excited about? What does Bible prophecy say about the pope? Is he the Antichrist or the False Prophet? Learn the surprising details that both Catholic and Bible prophecy agree on about the last pope's evil reign. »»

The Harbinger: Has America Been Warned of Judgment?

"The Harbinger" novel proposes that God has sent America nine omens or warnings of judgment starting with the 9/11 attacks. These "harbingers" include the Great Recession seven years after 9/11 along with several surprising coincidences at Ground Zero and "vows" against God supposedly made by US leaders. Rabbi Cahn claims that in all this God is following the "prophetic warning pattern" of Isaiah 9:10 that leads to economic downfall if we do not repent. But is this a message from God or even accurate to how God speaks? When you compare this theory to the real pattern of warning and judgment that is spelled out not just in one verse to Israel but in story after story in the Bible, you can see for yourself whether America is in judgment or being warned of judgment just yet. »»

Post-2012 Doomsday Blues? 4 Lessons or Benefits

Although many will be relieved when December 21st, 2012 passes without any of the predicted disasters, some will instead be confused or even depressed the day after. They will feel stupid and wonder why they did not see through it like most people did (who may be saying "I told you so.") Certainly it is easy to negatively judge the 2012 hysteria and those who spread it as malicious or make them wrong. Yet, there is actually a silver lining to 2012 and hysteria like it. Understand four easily overlooked benefits and lessons from doomsday date hysteria to help you get past the post-doomsday date blues or the temptation to judge those who participated in it--even if that includes yourself. »»

Is America Mystery Babylon the Great? Six Objections Answered

Is America, the most dominant and influential nation of the end times, really not found in Bible prophecy as most Christians believe? If that doesn't sound right to you, then you are not alone. Revelation and Jeremiah talk about a dominant end time power named “Mystery Babylon the Great” which stands in the way of evil but at the same time is so wicked itself that God judges her before the rest of the world. Sadly, there is no better plain literal fulfillment of Babylon than America today. Except...how can God judge a nation who does so much good and not judge so many arguably worse nations like China or Iran? How can Babylon be a nation when it says it's a “city?” Where is the blood of slain prophets “found in her?” These common objections and more are answered...plus why you do not need to fear being trapped in America when she is burned. »»

Ten Signs of the End Times (or Zero So Far?)

Are there "signs of the end times" that we are supposed to watch for? Have some already happened or are signs happening now? What if we miss these signs? How do we know if all the "end time signs" hype is correct, that the end times have begun and if Jesus' coming is really near? Find out how to discern these signs and to better recognize the few true signs that the Bible does talk about us witnessing in the end times.

The Two Witnesses - Fire Breathing Fun?

The Two Witnesses are impressive end time figures who are the subject of much speculation today. Christians alternately believe that they are Enoch and Elijah (who allegedly never died), Moses and Elijah (from the Transfiguration), and even others alive today. But are they here and do we need to figure out who they are or worry about what happens if we don't? Find out why no one in their right mind claim should claim to be the Two Witnesses»»

The Four End Time Groups: Will You Be in the Safe Group?

Most Christians recognize just two groups of people in the present time or the end times: the saved and the damned now and later the raptured and "left behind." But Jesus and Bible prophecy do not describe it so narrowly. There will be not just two, but four groups we can fall into for most of the final seven years. Find out what these end time categories are, which one you'll likely fall into (it's not what you think), and what to do today to help you make it into the right group later. »»

God's Bizarre Plan to "Catch & Release" Satan Before Burning Him Up

The biblical teaching of a Devil inspiring evil in the world is so disturbing that it causes some to doubt that "Satan" is meant literally. After all, why would God create or tolerate a Devil? Adding insult to injury, Revelation 20 tells us that 1000 years after the Jesus returns and jails Satan, God will let Satan loose again only to immediately start a bloody attack on Jerusalem. What is God thinking? Find out how God keeping Satan around today and releasing him from jail later (before he goes to the Lake of Fire with all the wicked) is the most loving thing he could do because of the important truth it demonstrates about evil. »»

Isaiah 17: When Will Israel Nuke Damascus?: The Clue in Psalm 83

Isaiah prophesied the destruction and abandonment of Damascus, Syria over 2700 years ago. Yet the city continues today, despite so many Middle East wars and predictions that "this year" it will finally come to pass. So what is missing that is holding this prophecy back? Israel's stike on Iran? Or perhaps the overlooked prophecy in the Psalms about a future Arab war alliance targeted at wiping out Israel. Find out why the Arabs are sure to one day acquire weapons of mass destruction that leads them to finally attack Israel...and how their defeat opens up for the "beginning of sorrows" and Great Tribulation to finally happen.

Why Jesus Won't Come Back in 2012 (Or Any Year Soon)

An Ipsos poll in 2006 found that 25% of adults believed it was at least "somewhat likely" that "Jesus Christ will return to Earth" in the coming year. Among white evangelical Christian adults, a whopping 46% believed this. Yet years later Jesus has still not returned. Want to know why Jesus did not come in 2007 or any year since then and still will not come in 2012? »»

God's 6000 Year Plan: Dating Jesus' Return?

Has God given man 6000 years to rule himself before Jesus returns to take over? Many Christians think the Bible teaches this and they use leverage it to predict the year of Jesus' Second Coming. But is it possible? How do you count the years? What do they start from? (Hint: not Adam/Creation) Also, what does Adam's age for Seth's birth tell us about the latest that Jesus can return?

Six Wrong Ways to Face the End Times (& One Right)

Bible prophecy says that bad things are coming. Conspiracy theories found on the Web only seem to confirm this. In light of this warning, what should we do to prepare? Shall we leave the city or even the country? Move to Israel? Stock up on food and water...or even guns and ammo or at least gold & silver? Find out the reassuring answer from the Bible on where to put our time and effort to be ready and saved when the end times events come upon us. »»

Will America Crash Economically or Recover? - Bible's Surprising Answer

Is the U.S. economy going into another Great Depression, or something worse like a total collapse? Is it under judgment by God? Some say that the collapse of the dollar is inevitable due to the enormous national debt. But what does Bible prophecy say? A surprising amount. Find out how America actually will fall and what her financial status among the nations will be at that time. »»

The Mark of the Beast and How To Avoid It Today

The Book of Revelation is rife with confusing passages. Yet it is crystal clear on the need to avoid the Mark of the Beast at all costs. But how do you make sure you do? What if they force it on you or trick you into taking it? Don't we need to identify it now to best avoid it? Is it a figurative mark and somehow already here today? Also, why would anyone take it given the clear warnings described against it? Find out everything you need to know about the Mark of the Beast—plus a startling new insight on the months of torture awaiting those who take action too late.

The Two (Not One) Gog/Magog Wars Recognized At Last

In the intriguing Ezekiel 38 & 39 Gog/Magog war prophecies, God has hidden his meaning similar to how Jesus hid his with his parables (Mk 4:10-11). Since these two neighboring chapters are so similar, the consensus is that they are the same prophecy predicting a single attack on Israel by the same "Gog." Under that mistaken assumption most try to identify Gog/Magog, often using current events as their guide, with ever evolving results. This also leads to wrong conclusions on the time frame of the prophecies. The solution to this impasse is to forget the identity question and see that Ezekiel 38 and 39 are not one, but two separate future wars. Then when you link them up to parallel prophecies in Revelation, the timing of these two wars becomes crystal clear. »»

Why "No Man Knows the Day or Hour" Does Not Apply Forever

When Jesus said, "no man knows the day or hour," he nullified the use of the Bible (or anything else) to "set dates" or predict when end time events will happen. But his words are not clear enough today alone to silence the date setters. Some people think "day or hour" allows for knowing the year or is only code for the Feast of Trumpets. On the opposite extreme, some think Jesus meant that his return could happen at any moment or that we could learn nothing about timing and to therefore not even study his prophecies. Find out what Jesus really meant by looking at what Jesus said in context...and also by considering what he did not say.

Why Most Christians Won't Be Raptured (& How To Make Sure You Are)

The rapture is the hope of hundreds of millions of Christians. Unfortunately, according to Bible prophecy, most will be “left behind,” weeping and gnashing their teeth as Jesus portrayed it. This happens because they trusted in what men have taught on the rapture without understanding what Jesus actually said in the Bible about belonging to him at his coming (1Co 15:23). Find out what most Christians are missing about the true requirements for the rapture so that you can be sure not to be left behind. »»

Why We Fall For Doomsday Dates (And How To Never Again)

Believers look forward to Jesus' Second Coming and hope someone can figure out when it will be. Perhaps the Bible has the timing hidden somewhere there among all its numbers? But it's clear that date setters have been missing something important if you study their long track record of failure. The key is to understand the true purpose of Bible prophecy that Jesus explained which date setters miss. Find out how to never fall for a doomsday date again and how to correctly use end times Bible prophecy. »»

Which “Audience” Will God “Keep From the Tribulation” (Rev 3:10)?

Most would prefer to avoid the Great Tribulation through a "pretrib rapture." Revelation 3:10 is often used to prove this since it promises to keep “thee” from a global hour of testing for all on earth. But who is “thee”—all believers or someone else? The audience of any passage is what determines that. Ignoring the audience is a major source of false doctrine that deceives and even puts us in bondage. Learn how to pay attention to audience through several examples including the letter to the Church in Philadelphia of Revelation 3. »»

Seven End Times Fears of Believers (and Their Solutions)

Looking into Bible prophecy for yourself can be scary business. Not even a Hollywood disaster movie does justice to what Revelation predicts we must go through before Jesus comes. Understandably, even believers get frightened by what they read in their Bibles--despite that verse that says "perfect love casts out all fear." If you haven't yet acquired "perfect love" then you may want to learn how to conquer the fears you have about the coming prophesied end times events of Revelation. »»

What's Next In Prophecy & What's Holding It Back?

With the completion and activation of Iran's first nuclear reactor (at Bushehr), an often overlooked Old Testament prophecy comes again into focus. Importantly, this prophecy, and not the rapture, is the next one to be fulfilled. With the proliferation of nuclear weapons approaching in the Middle East, it could very well come in our lifetime. Find out what it is and why it still has not happened despite the constant expectations every year for it to materialize. »»

Seven Antichrist Myths To Not Fall For

If your life depended on knowing who the Antichrist is when the time comes, would you be safe? Do you know already what to be looking for? Should you look for a "seven year peace treaty" signer, a Jew, an Arab, or a Muslim? Or is it impossible identify to him before the rapture? Find out how to consider the Antichrist question without anxiety. »»

If You Think A Recent Disaster Is Prophetic...

Did a disaster happen recently that makes you wonder if it is an important sign? Are people saying it is prophetic? That it fulfills some prophecy in the Bible like in Revelation? Does it feel like time might be accelerating or short? Are you feeling anxious after this disaster? Then learn why that disaster is not prophetic and not a sign that you need to do anything...except for one thing that applies always. »»

The Rapture: Its Timing, Purpose and Surprising Minimum Age Cut-off

Despite all the discussion and debate about the rapture among Christians, several important aspects of the rapture issue are still not widely understood. Besides the important timing question, there is also the question of the purpose of the rapture (it's not what you think) and the fact that not only wicked will be “left behind”, but some righteous will be as well! These finer points of the rapture will deepen your understanding of God's plan. »»

What Kind of "Earthquakes" (Mt 24:7) Are An Endtime Sign?

It seems to many that severe earthquakes are on the rise. Christians naturally wonder if this is what Jesus spoke of in the Olivet Discourse about the sign of “earthquakes in diverse places” preceding his coming. But are normal scattered earthquakes like this a sign of the end? A reexamination of this passage is now possible to find out what type of earthquakes are indicated which completely changes the usefulness of these difficult words of Jesus. »»

The Parable of the Ten Virgins Revisited

The Parable of the Ten Virgins is enigmatic yet loaded with potential teaching on the end times. The wedding feast of the Lamb's Second Coming, the oil that is needed to enter the feast or Kingdom, and the mysterious “go buy” command that throws us for a loop on our ideas for the oil. What does it all mean and what are we missing when we are confused on this and other parables of Jesus? Find out and puzzle no more on what you need to do to enter the kingdom of God. »»

One Reliable Sign of the End

It's the decade of 2010. Calendar watching or date setting has proven unreliable. Except as a way to make people scared. But there is no reason for fear. There is a reliable way to know the end is not yet and when it is near. Understand the Bible like you did not before. »»

Bible Prophecy Glossary

Confused about Bible prophecy? Most everyone is and for good reason. Did you know that most of the popular old theories and answers for Bible prophecy questions which predominate today are sadly wrong? That's right and the Bible tells us why... »»

Beat the H1N1 "Swine" Flu Pandemic (& Prophetic Fear) With Biblical Wisdom

The swine flu H1N1 outbreak of 2009 is causing a lot of anxiety. A pandemic is feared. For prophecy students it is even worse because the Bible seems to say pestilence is one of the signs of the end times. Or does it? What should you do if it happens? Discover a forgotten health key for the flu that Christians should know and practice, but do not. Knowing this secret weapon alone should ease your anxiety about the flu and maybe just keep you alive until the Second Coming just as it did for prophetess Anna until the First Coming (Luke 2:36-38). »»

"Earth-Shattering Calamity Soon" Prophecy? Not So Fast, David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson has released a prophecy that "AN EARTH-SHATTERING CALAMITY IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN" and recommends you get a 30 day supply of food. Before you heed this warning, you may want to consider several problems with it (apart from the false rumor about his church making 2000 sandwiches for rescue workers the day before 9/11). In the process you may learn how to debunk future false prophecies that are sure to come in these bad economic times

Isralestine Book Review

Isralestine is a prophecy book by Bill Salus with a pretrib view and an emphasis on Middle East war prophecies such as Psalm 83 »»

Iran in Bible Prophecy

Iran is always in the news today making threats against Israel and the USA, but Bible prophecy already tells us if Iran's threats will succeed. Iran's leaders' plan to wipe Israel off the map with nuclear weapons will backfire and cause his own people to flee Iran. It's the next prophecy to be fulfilled and may affect everyone who depends on the flow of Middle East oil through the Strait of Hormuz. »»

Daniel's Timeline Ends in 2017?

DanielsTimeline.com teaches that Jesus the Messiah will return 2016 according to an interesting twist on Daniel's prophecy and other verses. Are its assumptions sound? »»

Confirmation of the Covenant: Who is "He"?

Which Christ confirms the covenant in Daniel 9:27 for seven years, Jesus or Antichrist?

Asteroid Apofiz Can Collide With Earth in 2029

Asteroid Apofiz-99942 could collide with earth in 2029 according to a Russian scientist. Could this happen and fulfill Wormwood of Revelation 8? »»

The "Abomination of Desolation" Identified At Last

This strange sounding phrase is the only visible sign that Jesus gave us for identifying we are in the 70th Week of Daniel. Find out what the "abomination that makes desolate" is.

Rapture Timing Unlocked By Two Overlooked Statements of Jesus

When will the Rapture happen? Most timelines for the Book of Revelation in the end times are wrong. Same goes for any outline Book of Revelation, Why? Find out the two Bible verses of difficult words of Jesus that contain two major keys to unlocking Revelation's roadmap including the timing of the rapture (plus a lot more)--two Bible verses that are not properly explained to Christians.

God's Name: LORD, Yahweh, Yahveh, YHWH, YHVH, Jehovah or Yehovah?

Why is LORD sometimes replaced with YHWH or Yahweh by people? Why is everybody suddenly replacing God's name when Old Testament Prophets and the Jews used them?

Why Preterism is False

Preterism holds that prophecies such as the destruction of Jerusalem, the Antichrist, the Great Tribulation, and the Day of the Lord were fulfilled AD 70 when the Roman general Titus sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Jewish Temple. Can you see what's wrong with this picture?

The Red Heifer

The ashes of the red heifer are required by the Torah to cleanse the Levitical priesthood for Temple work. Do we have the red heifer needed for the Third Temple construction yet?

The Da Vinci Code Truth

On May 19th the most anticipated movie of the 2006 was released worldwide. The Da Vinci Code, staring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard, is based upon the best-selling novel that has over 45 million copies in print. Its thrilling plot puts a murder in the silent after-hour halls of the Louvre museum. Behind the murder is an ancient conspiracy that could cripple the church and rock the foundation of society

Identifying the Antichrist

The Bible describes a future one world government leader ruling for the last 42 months of these End Times. Among the many End Time prophecies about the Antichrist, is Revelation 13. Learn the true identity of the antichrist from Revelation 13's clues including 666, and see if he is alive today.

The 144,000, Elijah and You: The Mystery of Disunity Resolved

Finally, a "plainterpretation" of the 144,000 and their mission..and what understanding them and their unity tells us about our disunity today. What is the missing key to unity among Bible believers today?

"Times of the Gentiles" Fulfilled When?

After reading Jim Bramlett's speculation on the "Times of the Gentiles" possibly ending in 2005 I had a nagging feeling that there was a key verse missing in his analysis, so I got to thinking...

Why The Beast/Antichrist And The False Prophet Enter The Lake of Fire First

Have you ever noticed that all the wicked go to the Lake of the Fire after the Millennium but the Beast and False Prophet go in before the Millennium? Why the inconsistency? The answer is not for weak-hearted.

The Days of Noah? One Taken...One Left? Which one is the Righteous?

Talk about the "difficult words of Jesus"? Some are so difficult that people come to opposite conclusions on what he was saying. Case in point, some say "one who shall be taken" is Righteous, and some say the "one who shall be left" is the Righteous. Find out whether you should be "taken" or "left" according to Jesus.

Who Are The 24 Elders And When Did They Get To Heaven?

Are the 24 elders men or angels? Were they in heaven at the First Century or at the "pre-trib rapture"? If they really are 24 men, then how and when did they get there?

616 or 666: Which Is the Real Number of the Beast?

Some interesting thoughts to help you discern whether the recent claim that 616 is the real number of the beast (instead of 666) is something you should take seriously yet.

Answers To Objections for The Aviv Biblical Calendar

Why some people are observing God's Feast Days of Leviticus 23 one month earlier in 2005 than the Jewish Calendar says.

Do You Rest on the Wrong Day?

You may have heard about the Lunar Sabbath / Lunar Shabbat teaching that says the traditional Friday night/Saturday Sabbath is an error that began in Babylon, rather than from the Bible. Is the true rest day reckoned according to the lunar month on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th? How can you be sure? What about all the supposed evidence they have?...

The Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami from a Biblical End Times Perspective

Was the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami From God? What Does the Bible Say? Regardless, God Did Allow It. But Why? How to be Safe from any "Flood Waters." Also find out, Why do I charge for my research?

Who will fulfill Matthew 24:14?

Are angels going to preach the gospel as a witness to all the world before the end comes or are men?  Why is it only "as a witness"? ...

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