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The 144,000, Elijah and You: The Mystery of Disunity

Why do Believers lack unity today, who are the 144,000 and how will they have their obvious unity? How do Elijah and the Two Witnesses fit in?

By Tim McHyde

Why No Unity Today

No doubt you have wondered these very same questions. Why are there so many religions, denominations, sects and even cults who all accept the Bible as the Word of God revealed to man...yet they do not agree on what it says? Isn't following the Bible supposed to bring peace and unity?

In the Bible we can read about a few brief stretches of unity among God's people and servants, but for the last 2,000 years we have had disunity between Jews and Christians, Christians and Christians, and even disunity and outright war between Christian sects who agree on belief in the Messiah and the celebration of God's biblical festivals such as Pentecost (which the First Century Church celebrated). Nevertheless, for example, they cannot even agree on the correct biblical calendar to use for determining these festival days.

How Unity Will Return..and When?

Yet the Book of Revelation predicts a group of 144,000 (supposedly) "Jewish" believers who are assembled in unity along with a "Woman" on a future day of Pentecost. How will they be brought together in unity (on the same "correct" day) and why can't we have that same unity they have today? By understanding the key to their unity we can understand the cause of our own lack of disunity today.

We can even come to see that God left us in disunity on purpose for the last two millenia, and for what reason! This will save us the frustration of finding ourselves with no one to fellowship with and taking ill-advised steps to try to correct that, including joining groups who promise what we seek, but cannot deliver.

The Mystery of Disunity
Why God Wants the Faithful Divided Now
and How Elijah and the 144,000 Will Restore Unity Later

From this eBook you will learn:

  • The cause of disunity today
  • Why groups can not agree on what the Bible says
  • Why no one can prove to anyone else what the Bible says
  • Who the 144,000 and the Woman of Revelation 12 are and what their relationship is
  • What the mission of the 144,000 is, including when and where they are sealed
  • Who will lead the 144,000 and how he will gather and unify them
  • The Biblical clues about the identity and nationality of the Two Witnesses
  • The doomed approaches at restoring unity today and how to avoid the groups using them!
  • How not to be taken by anyone today claiming to be sent by God to unify and lead and have authority over you
  • Five scriptural proofs on how to identify a true prophet
  • Why Matthew 28 is not the true Great Commission for us and what the real one Jesus gave to us non-apostles is
  • Why God wants the disunity today and how it achieves his purposes for us

The Plainterpretation, no "Loosey-Goosey" Verse Tricks

This book, like all my other writing here, will only give you the plain-terpretation. In other words, no abuse of allegory, typology, symbology, types and shadows or other interpretive shortcuts are used to arrive at my conclusions. My conclusions are guided by trusting that the texts mean what they plainly say (usually, but not always, literally), and the right answer must therefore not break the plain meaning of any verse if it is correct. To harmonize so many scriptures so strictly sometimes requires years before the solution can present itself, but it always does eventually if you keep holding out for it. And, when you hear such solutions you will agree that they are the best you've heard and sometimes even remark, "How could I have ever believed any other previous explanation?"


WOW! Much of this I knew, but the way you put it together was tremendous. It's like having a puzzle that you recognize because you've seen all the pieces for so long that they pieces themselves are familiar, but when the puzzle pieces are fit together, one wonders how it could have been missed for so long...It removes the supernatural mystique of Revelation and makes the meaning plain.”

Dave Bedwell,

I just wanted to let you know that the first chapter is probably one of the best writing regarding unity and religion I have ever read. I was very blessed. It is so well said and very simple. I especially liked the statement in parentheses regarding you not even agreeing with yourself. I had to laugh because I have not agreed with myself on several occasions. I would like to share this Chapter with a few people... Bravo brother Tim excellent job!!! I look forward to reading the rest of your book.”

Yvonne Wittstock,

another, later email: “It is incredible how well you have written your explanation on the great commission...This thought came into my head after reading this chapter. That if a small handbook was written out with just this topic it could help so many people”

Yvonne Wittstock,

I'm in the process of reading your ebook Mystery of Disunity for the fourth time. The book was a huge blessing and confirmation to our family. The disunity part was, in my thought, 100% accurate...your writings have been sound and YHVH has used them as confirmation for my husband and myself. We've been blessed by your teachings. It's given me much peace to hear you put the disunity situation into words. Your words flow and make for enjoyable reading. ”

Rhonda Bosco,

We so enjoyed your book "The Mystery of Disunity." It answered so many question for us and our friends, the Boscos, who told us about it. ”

Tammy L. Warren,

“...received your eBook on the 144,000. Thanks very much. You always bring in a perspective I hadn't thought of, and always extremely scriptural.”

Debbie Baille,

I liked it very much and I´m looking forward to the entire book. Very many interesting things. A couple of years ago I got a whole new view of Gud´s redemption plan, when I saw the pattern of his festivals and how the are a shadow of His plan for salvation. You gave me a new hint when you mention about the wavering of the two loaves at the Shavuot. Everything is so precisely fullfilled or pointing at a fullfillment”

Bengt Berggren,

This book has dispelled the dismay I have felt going from fellowship to fellowship seeking the Truth of YHVH. It has given me understanding and hope for the future for all who are struggling for understanding of HIS ways. He always provides. ”


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